Multilek has been using the most up-to-date Technology to help its customers solve their problems for many years. Centrally located, just 10 minutes from the Ottawa airport, we are easy to find. We have been in the business of applying the best hardware and software solutions to our customers' individual needs since 1973.

We were there at the beginning when the microcomputer revolution started with Intel Corporation and when the phenomenon of Electromagnetic Interference started to be recognized as a real challenge for the manufacturers of electronics. Today we supply microcomputer system components, subsystems and system-design expertise to integrators, manufacturers, utilities and resource-based industries as well as EMC/EMI testing equipment, total EMI/EMC testing solutions and expertise to Test Houses, electronics manufacturers and Standards Labs all over Canada.

Whether you're interested in our complete product lines, industrial networking, board- level components, industrial computer systems, or noise immunity/susceptibility, we know how important quality and reliability is when it comes to hardware and software.

That's why all system components and subsystems that we supply are pre-tested by our technical staff and backed by our reputation. We guarantee reliable products and customer satisfaction.